Find a Hero and a memory in your family, or Friends

On September 11th, find a Hero story, and a memory from someone who served our country. in your family and circle of friends.

Freedoms Warriors!

Then write five notes showing what they did for our country, and present them to five of your friends or coworkers, and challenge them to do the same thing.

We have so many unsung Heroes from our past, who need to be shown as the Freedoms Warriors they are.

Unless we take time today to remember them, those memories will fade away.

On this the upcoming date of 9-11, we need to make the date a date in our country where we make memories of those special people who died for us and who served us so bravely.

Make this a special 9/11 for all of us and help our children know that we embrace the past as a way of finding our way for the future.